HOW Site Evaluation: What’s My Soil Type?

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G3 Soil Type Jar Test

During a Hands-on Workshop: Site Evaluation, we determine the type of soil in various parts of the garden. This is very important information for a variety of reasons, but most importantly because programming the weather-based irrigation controller will require your input of the soil type. Different soil types (or textures) will hold water in different amounts. Determining the amount of Available Water Holding Capacity (AWHC) of the soil is extremely important if you want to determine how frequently to irrigate and how much to replenish the soil reservoir during an irrigation event. G3 uses two techniques for determining Soil Type, and both are fun to explore with the whole family.  

First, we have the Jar Test.  Using a Soil Texture Triangle, and a cup of soil from the garden, you can determine the type of soil in the garden with some accuracy. 

  Second, we use the Soil Texture By Feel method promoted by the National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Soils Dept. Both techniques require getting a little dirty, but both allow you to connect with the soil in your garden and take the first step toward evaluating (and stewarding) your property. 

Join us for a Hands-on Workshop: Site Evaluation to learn more about seeing your landscape with new eyes and gathering the data that will empower you to make good choices for changing from resource-guzzling garden to rejuvenated mini-watershed.

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