There Is More Than One Way To The Soil Summit

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We know you have seen this image before and we know you have been talking about it, sharing and tweeting — but why haven’t you bought your ticket yet? It may be an issue of time or perhaps it feels to rich for your wallet. It’s sometimes hard to fully grasp why you need to […]

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Talk of Biochar is Heating Up

Posted on 20. Jan, 2015 by in G3 Blog, Urban Soil Carbon Water Summit 2015

bio char

By Paula Henson As destructive as slash-and-burn farming has been, it’s more environmentally friendly cousin “slash-and-char” agriculture (dating back to the Amazon basin in 450 AD) seems to have provided a gold mine of sorts right beneath our feet. Literally. Plant material was burned in such a way (lower temperatures and lower oxygen levels) that […]

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It’s Raining! ECLWRF Infiltration Works!

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Here’s a quick update to the post originally posted on 12/23/09.  The garden has been renovated in November 2014, but the infiltration still is working as designed. From December 2009:  It’s raining pretty steadily today, so we rushed over to the Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility’s OFG to see how the permeable paving and […]

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Is There Anything Soil Can’t Do?

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Understanding the mechanisms utilized by Living Soil in sequestering carbon and holding/cleaning water. By Paula Henson Soil is that tireless friend that you can never thank nearly enough when it bails you out of a jam. Store that excess CO2 for millennia? Can do! Clean up that polluted water? Not a problem! How does soil […]

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Seeing the Forest Through the Trees

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TreePeople Million Trees LA Kick-off planting Hansen Dam Nov 4 2006

To “see the forest through the trees” is a timeless idiom that simply means to be able to see the big picture, the overall patterns and outcomes at play, through all of the details. Thanks to the ground breaking work of researcher and Professor Dr. Suzanne Simard, we are able to “see” and understand the symbiotic […]

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