Plants Suck!!! Carbon that is…

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This interview with Mother Nature News and one of our Moderators, Kristin Ohlson gives a great synopsis of Kristin’s Book “The Soil Will Save Us” as well as a great understanding of what is ahead of us and the future of farming. MNN: What’s the premise of the book? Kristin Ohlson: I think the big […]

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Happy World Soil Day!

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Happy World Soil Day! Exciting and incredible activities are happening right under our feet and discussions about it are going viral! HEALTHY SOIL IS A REALLY BIG DEAL! December 5th marks the Annual World Soil Day where all over the planet people are buzzing about soil, all of the many benefits soil provides for the […]

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Do Trees Dream?

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By Marianne Simon In a strip 4 x 8, they pile the dirt. And in the dirt they dig a hole. And in the hole they put a tree. It is a young tree, delicate limbs, thin bark, roots just beginning to spread. The box is split, the tree hauled out, and it is plopped […]

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Question, Regarding Fungus…

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A mushroom in the grass

We received a great question from someone who went to one of our CFLT classes this last weekend! He asked: “Question – regarding fungi:…. I had a 1/2 (opened) bag of Organic Plus (retail bag) and found large amount of white colored strands -apparently a fungus… at the end of the strands whole formed mushrooms, with […]

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Garden Gurus Magnify Soil Food Web

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Check out this beautiful photo of G3’s San Diego Regional Coordinator, Diane Downey, as she masters techniques to count protozoa, nematodes and fungi with Dr. Elaine Ingham.

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