Reversing Desertification Shows Living Soil Is KEY Factor In Environmental Health

Posted on 07. Mar, 2013 by in G3 Blog, G3 Media, Living Soil, Nature Lessons, Video, Water Conservation, Water Quality, Watershed Notes

This beautiful TED Talk by Allan Savory, biologist and ecologist, highlights the importance of rebuilding native soil, particularly in areas where desertification already has begun. The irony of the story is that holistic land management and animal husbandry provide the strategic cornerstone to rejuvenating the grasslands of the world. The lesson for those in G3 […]

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A Hummer In Hand Worth One In Hibiscus

Posted on 18. Sep, 2012 by in Environment 911, G3 Blog, Nature Lessons, Watershed Notes

Every fall it seems we look forward to interacting with the nest-building Anna’s Hummingbird, the tiniest of our CA birds (Calypte anna)– usually as they flit around refueling at the driveway nectar biodiesel depot and checking out the Chinese elm real estate. This morning, however, we had a close encounter of the most unwelcome kind […]

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Urban Life Needs To Be Tenacious

Posted on 10. Sep, 2012 by in G3 Blog, Nature Lessons, Watershed Notes

This image reminds us that plants utilized in the urban setting really do need to be climate-adapted, tenacious beings. Notice how this edible fig,¬†Ficus carica, is hanging out in the foundation crack under the hose bib and is showing the survival skills acquired over its more than six and a half millennia in cultivation. Where […]

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The Invasive California Garden Must Be Stopped

Posted on 05. Aug, 2012 by in Build Habitat, Environment 911, G3 Blog, Nature Lessons, Plants, Resources, Watershed Notes

You know it when you see it, and you’ve tried to justify it’s “beauty” because your clients ask for it and the nurseries continue to carry it. It’s ugly because it is a piece of the destructive puzzle that is the OLD NORM of California gardening. There will be a day when designers (including landscape […]

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Tomato Thief’s Tantalizing Tale

Posted on 25. Jul, 2012 by in Edible Gardens, G3 Blog, G3 Community, Los Angeles/South Bay, Nature Lessons, Watershed Notes

Last year, this man (our neighbor, Sam Naghazei) was observed from our studio popping Sungold tomatoes from the vines growing on our driveway. While we don’t encourage people to walk on to the property after our fruits and vegetables, the front driveway has always been considered a sort of community garden, and we often see […]

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